Monday, December 16, 2013

The Misery of Missing Smartphone Contacts (Video)

By Vern Weitzman

Stuff happens. It can happen to you, or anyone in your company. It's stressful and it wastes precious time.  Others who depend on you are frustrated.  It may even kill hours of your personal time when only seconds should have been required.

I am talking about seemingly simple issues with Smartphone address books that sync with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook:

  • You need an expert to solve the problem but you are missing the needed contact information.
  • So you call someone else to get the number of the expert
  • They don't have the number so you call an alternate resource
  • You can’t reach the alternate contact.
  • The loop continues and it's not fun.

To see a simple example of smartphone contact challenges, watch the video.

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