Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tech Drama, Part 1: Be the IT Hero, or Look Like a Zero

Subject: Tech Drama: Be the Hero or Look Like a Zero?
A Tale of Work vs Romance, Disaster Response, and the Path to Unified Contact Management

6:15 p.m. -- Dylan, recently promoted to IT manager, is revving up for the big date with his new girlfriend when the CFO rings him. In a tone that oscillates between panicked and accusatory, the CFO barks that no one can generate reports—the instant they hit Print, the system spews 404 errors. Ironically, today is the first time Dylan escaped the office at a normal hour. His trained intellect races through scenarios. He has just 45 minutes before picking up his date. Dylan figures he can call in reinforcements, earn some brownie points with the CFO, and still meet his date on time.  A win-win?  Wishful thinking?
This Gal is not in the GAL
Dylan anxiously checks his smartphone to find Kathy, project leader and stone-cold expert on the new finance system. Kathy lives just minutes from the office. Shocker! His iPhone has no cell or home number for her! Heart pounding, Dylan calls her office line—maybe she’s working late? No luck. Of course, neither her home nor cell numbers are in the GAL either. The potential consequences splatter across Dylan’s mind like a heads-up Google Glass display.
IF No Kathy THEN {
    Drive 1 HOUR Back to office
    Forget @(Romantic.Hopes)
If he can't reach Kathy, Dylan will have to slog back to work, in rush hour, and cancel the amazing date he's been planning for weeks.
Dylan interrupts a stream of aggressive and petulant text messages from the CFO to placate the frantic executive while dialing everyone on Kathy’s team. Somebody must have her number!  Ah, but they are all competing in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament. He leaves one voicemail after another, but no one calls back.
Desperate Measures
Despite the evening chill, Dylan feels cold sweat on his back. Out of options, and cringing with embarrassment, he resorts to hunting Kathy on Facebook. Somebody’s gotta know how to reach her. He is just twenty minutes from “Late Date” status. Dylan knows that even his souped-up Prius—envied as a muscle car by other hybrid owners—could barely make it to the home of his woulda-been-future wife in time.

Can Dylan can escape from this IT quagmire and avert a dating disaster? (click here to continue)    

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