Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tech Drama, Part 2: Be the IT Hero, or Look Like a Zero

To Win the Battle and the War, the Search for Unified Contact Management Continues
Previously on Tech Drama, a new IT manager Dylan is blindsided minutes before a Big Personal Event by a system snafu that sends his CFO into an embarrassing set of behaviors. Dylan races against time to find Kathy, the expert on the afflicted system.

Tech Drama, Part 1: Be the IT Hero, or Look Like a Zero

Subject: Tech Drama: Be the Hero or Look Like a Zero?
A Tale of Work vs Romance, Disaster Response, and the Path to Unified Contact Management

6:15 p.m. -- Dylan, recently promoted to IT manager, is revving up for the big date with his new girlfriend when the CFO rings him. In a tone that oscillates between panicked and accusatory, the CFO barks that no one can generate reports—the instant they hit Print, the system spews 404 errors. Ironically, today is the first time Dylan escaped the office at a normal hour. His trained intellect races through scenarios. He has just 45 minutes before picking up his date. Dylan figures he can call in reinforcements, earn some brownie points with the CFO, and still meet his date on time.  A win-win?  Wishful thinking?