Thursday, June 13, 2013

Exchange Load Balancing and Mysterious MAPI Behavior, Part 1

MAPI application to Update Outlook Contacts

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server Load Balancing
Load balancing Outlook clients on Microsoft Exchange Server is possibly the last piece of the enterprise messaging strategy on the way to nirvana. It's compelling because you get extreme reliability and scalability at the same time. The load balancer also makes maintenance easier because you can take down individual Client Access Servers without impacting any user.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adding Employee Photos to Outlook Contacts, Part 2

Steps to add Employee Contact Photos to Outlook

In the part 1 of this blog post, I reviewed a little bit of history about photos for Outlook. In this posting, I will cover one specific strategy for getting contact photos into the GAL.

Adding Employee Photos to Outlook Contacts, Part 1

Life Without Contact Photos
Not so long ago, any random sample of an employee's smartphone address book would reveal that they had almost no contact pictures.This is despite the fact that smartphone address books have had that capability for several years. Even though Microsoft Exchange and Outlook have had this capability for over a decade, few organizations have embraced the capability.